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What is the shape* of the Universe?
It takes 19 words to say what is the shape of the Universe. That defines the shape, for those who know it, but it does not describe the shape fully to those who do not already know the answer.
To do that takes 675 words.
The 675-word description is encrypted and held at this website, here. This description is fixed and cannot be amended or changed between now and when it is to be revealed, in 2019.
Figure 1: Ball, Sheet, Saddle? Or Other?
A picture may be even better than a written description for clarity. A 3D representation of the Universe's shape has been built and rendered in the free software program called Bryce. The image resulting from that has also been encrypted and is held at this website.  The Big Question - Who Knows?
Anyone is free to download it anytime prior to 2019, ready for decryption via the password that will be provided. It can be downloaded here. Note: when run, the download asks for a passphrase beginning "The scientists of today..." where the total is 55 characters in length. 
        Figure 2: The Big Question - Who knows?
THANKS: Strong encryption has been provided through the generosity of Cypherix, who provide the excellent free product, Cryptainer. Our grateful thanks go to them, as well as to the great Eric Wenger, and the original creators of Bryce. Finally, thanks to Frez Systems for their superb Rijndael encryption free software.
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    THE UNIVERSE has a shape. This is called a topology. It would not be a three dimensional topology, as the Universe has an infinite, or variable, number of dimensions. But this topology can be represented by a particular unique, recognisable, three dimensional shape.