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Course: How to Eat

Subject: Chemistry

Bust of Epicurus
How would Epicurus - the fourth of the great Greek philosophers after Plato, Socrates and Aristotle - have taught the theory of taste, had he been shown it?

Maybe something like this.

Learning Objectives

This course will teach you how to eat systematically for taste, allowing you to replace the current, global trial-and-error method.

Twelve independent, stand-alone video lectures will introduce you to the theory of taste. In each case, the 45 minute presentation follows the same format. It takes us from introducing the theory to putting it into practice with recipe-examples showing how to apply the new theory.

Alongside the twelve stand-alone videos there is a separate and independent series of twelve emails.
Where each video is a single stand-alone presentation from scratch of the idea from theory to practise, the emails are a cumulative build-up to a single, coherent overview of the new idea, in theory as well as practise.


12 Videos Subject Recipes Content Time
Video One Music Breakfast Introduction: Learn With Me 49:00
Video Two Idea 3 x 3 salads Raw Veg (1) 61:00
Video Three Eating 2 x 3 Desserts Raw Fruit (1) 62:00
Video Four Ratios 3 egg; 3 soup Boiled Veg (2) 62:00
Video Five Alien vs me 3 bkfst; 3 hom salads Stewed Fruit (2) 67:00
Video Six World Map 3 salt, 3 pepper Roasted Veg (3) 58:00
Video Seven Salt 3 Fish Fruit Baked (3) 51:00
Video Eight Colour 3 x broth Stewed Veg (4) 49:00
Video Nine Smoking 3 Dinner Kitchen
Video Ten 'lean food' Kebab + Cheeseburger TBA
Video Eleven Paradigms Chefs TBA
Video Twelve Social Eating Supermarkets TBA
Open your eyes: there is no such thing as unhealthy food (vs moral hazard) - Big Money
Switch on the light: taste is a matter of taste (vs Chemicals) Big Sci
Unfold the map: diet by eating more of what you like, not more of what you don't like (vs Condiments) Big Religion
creating recipes1: Lean food vs like/dislike (raw & cold) Take the exam
creating recipes2: Lean lunches vs carbs & 'feel full' (roast & herb) Take the exam
creating recipes3: Fruit vs smoking (fruit & spice) Take the exam
Attack on money - from truth to design & redefine the left

Scope within Curriculum: Key to Colour-Coding
                         1 - 3: Framework
4 - 6: Theory
7 - 9: Elements
10 - 12: Feedback

Teaching Objectives

  • Presentation suited to media
  • Presentation suited to audience
  • 'No fuss', basic, clear delivery