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Course: Philosophy

Subject: Various

Bust of Plato
Plato, Jesus, Marx & Einstein: none has established the completely necessary, fully unified description of the inner and outer life that we could all use.

What are the big philosophies of the day? Religion? Science? Romance? Money? We don't think so. We think these are the vested interests, prepared only to look backwards, not forwards. The youth of today deserve better.

A true philosophy will prove itself. That is why we are presenting our philosophy, first and foremost as entertainment. Big Talk Magazine is for fellow philosophers who want to understand. It is for you if you are far from satisfied.

Learning Objectives

Each video magazine is intended to be an hour long, with four fifteen-minute sections in every edition.

Three of the sections are common to each edition: Guru; Topical and Radical; the fourth section presents the written content on this site available on an academic subject that is part of a single, new philosophy - maths; physics; etc. This Academic comment is accompanied and contrasted by, for example, the Guru section. What does the new philosophy have to say about Edward De Bono, Eckhart Tolle and other modern thinkers and theorists? Find out here. The topical section, and the radical section, similarly apply the new philosophy from essential, alternative viewpoints.

Think philosophy is dull? Think again!


Please Note: The work below is in progress throughout 2018.
6 Videos Guru Topical Subject Radical Print Copy Time
Video One Who's Your Guru? Scale Maths Get Cross BIG TALK #1.pdf 60:00
Video Two De Bono 12 Videos Food Stay Cross BIG TALK #2.pdf 60:00
Video Three Tolle Broken Heaven Prisons BIG TALK #3.pdf 60:00
Video Four Berne ??? Mind De Bono #2 BIG TALK #4.pdf 60:00
Video Five Purpose ??? Physics War BIG TALK #5.pdf 60:00
Video Six ??? A.I./Metadata I.T. LETS BIG TALK #6.pdf 60:00

Teaching Objectives

  • Presentation suited to media
  • Presentation suited to audience
  • 'No fuss', basic, clear delivery