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Future Plans

Read the Business Plans, including Financial and Creative Plans;   open letters to non-partner parties;    and the Partner Proposal.

Partner Proposal

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Business Plans

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Open Letters

Read open Letters to non-partners who may be interested.

Open Letter to Cambridge University

Read this open letter to the closest University of standing.

Dear Cambridge University,

I would like to teach everyone the Shape of the Universe. As a bastion of learning and wisdom since the 11th Century, you will know better than most that teaching those who don't want to learn is doomed to fail, and the reality is, not everyone wants to learn the Shape of the Universe.

To find those who would like to learn, I must first tell people the Shape of the Universe. I must declare it, see 'An Open Letter to Authority'. Of course I would like to tell everyone. Again though, the principle applies: not everyone is interested in hearing the shape of the Universe from me. To try to tell everyone is thus to risk failing to tell anyone.

My answer to this conundrum, I conclude, is to *not* tell most people, including Cambridge University; that is, to start the process of telling those who want to know by presenting the answer as an approximately 45 minute show which must be personally attended.

I hope that Cambridge University will suppport me in principle in my approach, of seeding the ground of education through entertainment; and of seeking to entertain to the benefit of others than myself. I have spent some decades in preparatory work across multiple media: video, wirtten work, online and in person; embracing some 200,000 self-published words; some 15 hours of video so far; a plan for a tour following Edinburgh Festival; all in addition to the campaign organisation and execution.

The Universe and its Shape are of interest beyond the UK it goes without saying. I think the answer is surprising elegant and satisfying and so must its presentation be. I welcome the disagreement and counter-reasoning of others should they reach a different conclusion. I hope that you can support the fundraising campaign which is the first step on the ladder I have drawn up here. If I cannot take the first step it is of little moment what the others might have been.

Regards, Martin

Open Letter to Authority

Open Letter to Authority

Press Releases

Press Release 11/12/2022

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Press Release 23/1/2023

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Press Release 27/2/2023

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