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Welcome to the Landing Page for the content of this Website.

Explore the Dimension of Truth, subject by subject.

Dimension of Truth
Educators have a responsibility to admit what they do not know, as well as teach what they do.

The youth of today - and their parents - are paying a lot of money for their education.

Quite apart from the waste of resources in chasing notions for which there is no foundation, such as dark matter, educators should take care that what they deliver does not present outright conjecture as literal truth, otherwise they may be subject to recourse under the law.

Pick an essay, book or course of videos to see how the new understanding:
  • solves old problems
  • simplifies current problems
  • fits together as a whole
  • and informs a changing world.


Subject Contribution of Truth? Publication Date Length (Words) Images Version
Maths Essay Do You Like Numbers? 2009 14,000 No 4
Physics Essay The Shape of the Universe 2015 14,000 Yes 1
Chemistry Videos Food: Eating for Taste 2017 8 hours N/A 1
Biology No N/A
Economics Essay What is Wrong with Money? 2014 10,000 Yes 2
Psychology Full-length Book Common Sense: The philosophy of psychology 2008 90,000 Yes 6
Art Essay Untitled 2015 19,000 Yes 1
Music No TBA
English No TBA
History Video The Long History of Time 2018 90 mins N\A 0
Religion Essay Where is Heaven? 1999 6,000 Yes 3
Sport/Dance No TBA
VARIOUS Video TBA: BIG TALK Magazines #1 - #6 2019 0 N\A 0
Philosophy Video Phil 1 - 3 2018 58 mins N\A 1